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Top 10 Android Mobile Phones

Written on November 13, 2010 by Marc

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With Android as a mobile OS that never ceased to entice people, the list of handsets that runs the platform seems endless. Here are the top 10 Android phones in the market today.

are offered in the market in its many forms and flavors. Such instances are no mystery since is a very innovative mobile platform. But more than that, users favor because of the mobile phones which it features. Here are the list of the best smartphones running Google’s ingenious mobile platform.

1. Samsung Galaxy S

The South Korea’s trump card is its ultra hot hardware that is being enveloped inside Samsung Galaxy S. With its gorgeous screen and ultra thin width, Samsung is rightful to be placed in front of the smartphone pack.


HD’s unibody and purplish teflon matte makes it less smudge prone compare to other HTC handsets. It is sturdy with a huge slab of sexy.

3. HTC Desire

HTC Desire is an amazing phone with stunning screen, and the HTC Sense works like a dream. The hardware is superb, and it sits well in your pocket despite its big size.


HTC Legend sports multiple Gmail accounts, Google Goggles and a list of more powerful browser. It is amazingly built with its stunning new version of HTC Sense and iPhone-bashing skills.


Dell Streak is close to becoming a geek phone. If you are the sort of user who relishes the task as much as using the phone, Dell Streak is made for you.


HTC Wildfire is a likable handset with a lot going for it. Its grown-up looks are very pleasing, and you can’t go wrong with its interface either. You can customize the seven home screens, thus no two handsets are equally alike.


Motorola Droid X has sharp, colorful and impressive screen. The guts are quick, sculpted and robust.


Google Nexus One is particularly good and certainly up with the best of its breed. It has a class-leading processor, vibrant display, sexy shell, and a geekiness that only Google can pull off effortlessly.

9. Acer Liquid

Acer liquid is a decent device to get a hold to. It enables you to run multiple programs at once, in addition to RoadSync. Receiving your work e-mails and calendar information makes Acer Liquid a useful mobile device in your day-to-day working life.


Clocking a Snapdragon core and a 854 x 480 display in a whopping four inches definitely brings Xperia X10 among the elite class. You can only count the Android phone models that is worth considering in the hands, and Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 is one of them.


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