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Top iPhone Photography Accessories

Written on November 23, 2010 by B Waldorf

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Add a little spice in the way you capture photos with your iPhone 4 by getting these amazing accessories. Allwelike come up with a list of accessories that is truly irresistible.

There is popular quotation which says that once enters a person’s bloodstream, it spreads like a disease. True enough, more and more people engage into capturing beautiful images these days. Plus with the arrival of devices like taking photos becomes a tap away.

To help budding photographers develop their passion, Allwelike listed down the top ten accessories which can be hooked up to the 4 for more sharp and powerful pictures.

1. iPhone Tripod Holder

The tripod holder is one of the few essential accessories. For just $10, you’ll get a simple but useful mount that features durable brass threads for a secure attachment.

Price: $9.95

2. Owle Bubo

The Owle Bubo transforms your phone into a camera with some comprehensive features. It adds a full-size lens for the point and shoot feature, an external microphone, four tripod mount points and an integrated cold shoe for adding lights.

Price: $169.95 for iPhone 4, $159.95 for 3G/3GS

3. Flip-Cage with iPhone 4 Mount

This accessory serves as a stand for your iPhone. Aside for photographic purpises, it can also be used for e-book reading. Plus, the iPhone mount can be removed so you can use your phone on any other tripod.

Price: $38.90

4. Factron Quattro Cases

These cases add metallic and chic personality to the iPhone 4. There are five interchangeable lenses which are sold separately  which also add up effects to the shots.

Price: Approx $220

5. Zacuto Zgrip iPhone Jr. Handgrip

It’s a hand grip system fro shooting videos. It prevents shakes and unnecessary movements. It also offers a thread to mount the hand grip to a tripod for stationary shooting.

Cost: $69

6. USBFever’s Special Effects Lenses

The USBFever belongs to the league of affordable alternatives. Its range of detachable lenses for mobile devices include fish eye, wide angle, macro and telescopic.

Price: From $13 to $22

7. Griffin Clarifi

Griffin’s Clarifi case boasts a built-in lens giving your iPhone a boost in camera resolution. Macro and close-up shots are instantly detailed and slide the lens aside for normal photography.

Prices: $34.99

8. Joby GorillaMobile for iPhone 4

The stand-alone bumper protects your phone, while the removable and flexible tripod gives an adaptable positioning. The GorillaMobile can also be used as a desk stand, or attach it to a treadmill to watch your favorite show while working out.

Price: $39.95

9. ZoomIt SD Memory Card Connector

The smart dock connector accessory gives you access to use SD memory cards with your iPhone. It lets you view, access and share all of your photos from your SD cards on the go without the need to connect to your camera, Mac or PC. This is a very good investment.

Price: $59.95

10. Glif

It offers two of the main key points of an accessory for photography. It mounts your iPhone to a standard tripod and using a kickstand to prop your phone up at an angle. It’s a simple and elegant solution for capturing subjects at different angles.

Price: $20


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