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Tween Fashion Blogger Gets a Magazine Deal

Written on November 16, 2010 by R. Depp

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It all started with her online blog called The Style Rookie. Now, Tavi Gavinson is keeping herself busy with another project: a teen fashion magazine.

Tavi Gavinson, a 14-year old blogger, already made her way passed adult journalists who are striving hard to climb the corporate ladder. The tween announced on her blog that she will be creating her own magazine with the help of ex-EIC, .

Gavinson, for the longest time, has been writing on her online blog ‘’ about the need of the her generation to have its own teen fashion magazine. The tween blogger grew up reading old issues of Sassy. But for her own magazine, Gavinson wants it to be “feminist, creative, moody-teenage-girl” creation.

As of the moment, no magazine name is finalized. However, Gavinson is accepting contributions for her magazine. Send them all to

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