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What Makes the XBox Kinect Tick?

Written on November 06, 2010 by Japhet Writ

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It is very amazing how Microsoft's XBox Kinect senses a gamer's movements. So amazing that players want to check out what's inside the device. But worry no more, because iFixit got it all covered.

The much-anticipated Kinect was launched yesterday. The $150 gesture-based device is filled with cameras and sensors that detects the 3-D movement with surprising accuracy. But what makes the Kinect really tick? What’s behind its every motion-sensing technology? After torn the Kinect apart, the guts of the device was revealed and here are the highlights.

* The device has two cameras and an infrared projector. The left camera is infrared (320×240) while the center camera is color (640×480).
* It utilizes Prime Sense technology for its 3-D . Interestingly enough, recently acquired its primary competitor, Canesta.
* It has four separate microphones, three on the right side and one on the left side.
* Its motherboard includes a Wolfson Microelectronics WM8737G, a Fairchild Semiconductor FDS8984, and 512 MB of DDR2 SDRAM.

Indeed, the packs a lot of sensory devices into one package. But it is still the gesture recognition that makes this thing impressive.

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