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WordPress Mobile Celebrates its 1 Million Users with a Nokia App

Written on November 05, 2010 by B Waldorf

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Almost immediately, WordPress attracted bloggers from around the world to use its service. At the moment, its mobile version have 1 million users. Now, WordPress is expanding its wings to cover another mobile titan, Nokia.

gained its huge success in mobile apps. The most celebrated blogging service achieved 1 million users from its mobile platforms. Their first venture on the mobile industry tarvels back in 2008 which is an app for iPhone. After that, released apps for BlackBerry and Android. The concept of blogging anywhere,everywhere became popular. It even allowed posting via SMS and phone in, voice-to-text blogs.

Having a million users is just the start of a very wonderful beginning. The mind behind WordPress plans to continue the mobile expansion which includes .

WordPress is now available on the Nokia Store.

Watch the demo here:

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