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2010 Trends: Online Reading Habits

Written on December 07, 2010 by Japhet Writ

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One of the more subtle trends of 2010 has been the way people's reading habit have changed. In the previous era of the Web, RSS Readers and start pages were all the rage. But not anymore.

The changes on the way people read online is one of the subtle trends of 2010. It is in this year that more people uses , , , , LazyWeb, Feedly and TweetDeck to track news. First, has continued to expand beyond it social networking purpose by simply enabling its users to track interesting news and information. On the other hand, Twitter becomes the place to go to see breaking news and the latest updates about a popular story.

Mobile apps also changed the way people consume news in a major way. Instapaper, on one hand, is an app that saves web pages for later reading — even in offline mode. Flipboard, on the other, is a magazine-like reading application designed for iPad. Simply put, has departed from PC to mobile devices. That is how people’s way of finding, consuming and organizing what they read has changed.

And it is because of these new social and mobile tools that the usage of RSS Readers declined. It may be that people can just no longer cope with it, simply because Facebook, Twitter and other have already provided a tad full of information. Consuming content has indeed becoming more of a social and mobile experience this year. How does reading on the Web has changed for you over 2010?

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