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Amazing Science Images of 2010

Written on December 15, 2010 by Japhet Writ

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As 2010 comes to its end, the innovations that happened during this time will always be remembered. That is why All We Like brings you the amazing science images of the year that has been.

The pictures you are about to see cover 2010 in a way that people will remember it. Together, they tell stories of an impressive year in and technology. From robots to technological to extra-terrestrial inventions to quantum computing, they are all here, in one place. Are you ready to recall the year that has been?

1. HRP-4C

HRP-4C is a dancing robot created by Japan’s Advanced Industrial Science and Technology. The dancing robot in front is held by her steel legs of doom in a choreographed dance earlier this year.

2. TOPIO 3.0

Made by Vietnam’s TOSY, TOPIO 3.0 is a bipedal humanoid that plays ping-pong. How can TOPIO 3.0 do that? Using a 200-fps camera, it can detect the ball’s flight from the opponent’s paddle. More over, its brain processor and artificial neural network analyzes the ball’s path to choose the best return.

3. Delhi’s New Subway Line

This picture was done in preparation for the Commonwealth Games held last October. Trying to overcome a tight three-and-a-half year schedule, the engineers used 14 tunnel-boring machine to dig the underground thoroughfare.

4. Oscar the Cat

The British house cat, Oscar, lost both of his hind paws in a farming accident. But instead of using a rolling-cart, the cat received a groundbreaking surgery wherein prosthetic legs were grafted directly to his ankle bones. This type of procedure is called Exoprosthetis.

5. International Space Station

In this photo, NASA Astronaut, Robert Behnken opens the insulation flap of a newly installed camera. He’s working on the last major American addition to the International Space Station that was completed last February.

6. Orion Weld

Joined using the friction stir welding, the Orion spacecraft is being validated for non-destructive evaluations. It scrutinizes the strength and integrity of the weld before it goes for ground-testing. Unfortunately, the Orion project was canceled due to NASA cuts in the 2011 budget laid out by the Obama administration.

7. Microfluidic Chips

Developed by Gary Ruvkun, this microfluidic chips would ride along soil-collection rover on Mars in search for microscopic life. Using a combination of detergent, buffer solution and high frequency sound waves, disrupted cells will release genetic materials of any minuscule Martians.

8. Atom Corral

This maze of electrodes bring people closer to building quantum computers that could manipulate atoms to process data, million times faster than todays supercomputers.

9. Largest Solar-powered Boat

PlanetSolar SA unveiled the largest solar-powered boat last February. The solar-powered boat, known as PlanetSolar, is a floating test bed for renewable energy. It measures 49 x 102 feet, weighs 94 tons, and is equipped with 5,380 square feet of photovoltaic solar panels.

10. Ersatz Lung

Smaller than a multivitamin, the Ersatz Lung can represent a new pharmaceutical testing method. It consists of an artificial alveolus, a polymer sheet and a blood vessel that mimics a capillary wall. This small lung on a chip shows the activity of the respiratory system infected with lung cancer.

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