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Android Apps Double in 2 Months

Written on December 31, 2010 by Chris Martin

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Android Apps just doubled to 200,000 in just 2 months. In just a matter of time, they might surpass the Apple sales. That's just crazy!

Apps have doubled their numbers to more than 200,000 apps in just a matter of two months. It was back in October when reports recorded a total of 100,000 apps for the . Thanks to the relentless efforts to expand the Android market overseas, the numbers doubled and shocked the smartphone industry. Two thumbs-up to the Android people!

The Android market is still lagging behind the App Store as the giant fruit boasts a stellar number of 300,000 apps to date. Though Android OS driven devices have increasingly become more popular than the . A poll conducted by Mashable recorded that the green robot is more popular than the fruit by a significant margin, as Android took the lion’s share with 41.2% while devices received a still impressive 30.6%. It may be a matter of time until Android takes over Apple for the most number of apps.


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