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Back to the Future Game Preview

Written on December 19, 2010 by Japhet Writ

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Back to the Future is... well, back to the future once again. And Telltale Games really brought them in the computer era. But before you get a hand on the new game, check out AllWeLike's game preview.

With III having a conclusive ending, gamers might wonder what’s in Telltale Games’ mind. But whatever it is, the players and fans of is definitely in for a surprise. The “: ” is an adventure game and a true follow-up to the film trilogy. Traveling through time and dealing with the characters players knew and love from the movies, they have Marty McFly moving around the world to solve puzzles and problems.

The game will let players live out a very familiar scene from the first movie, and they will also have the freedom to pick up well-known lines or deviate and change what all people knew. Back to the Future: The Game was set on 1986 at Emmett’s abandoned house. Telltale nailed it by replicating the laboratory exactly the way film buffs will recognize it. The characters, especially George McFly and Biff are the exact cartoonized version of their actor counterparts. The demo ended when Marty got news that Doc’s in trouble and the he’s the only hope.

The things from the movie that fans loved, and the changes in the characters is something that Telltale Games should be applauded for. It only shows that they were able to expand the characters film buffs loved in a very interesting way.

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