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Call of Duty: Black Ops Issues Solved

Written on December 16, 2010 by R. Depp

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Though the patch turned out to be a fail, a Call of Duty user finally found out the remedy to the multi player connection problem on Call of Duty: Black Ops.

Treyarch delivered a patch 1.04 to the Playstation 3 today to remedy the many issues concerning player connections. However, the patch seemed not effective since many gamers are still complaining about the same problems.

After people on forums succumbed to find the solution, a fortunate thing happened when a Call of Duty user stlcardinal9sr posted the following set of instruction that he claimed will resolve the problem.

In the XMB delete your game save data and game data utility for Black Ops, all of your online stats will still be there, you will lose single player stats though, I decided to check this and found that the patch actually loaded into game save data and not where it should have in GAME DATA UTILITY…After deleting and redownloading everything works like it should!!!!

Steps to do this:

1. in the XMB under games where you would click on the disk to load black ops scroll up to where it says saved data utility.
2. delete this data, what will happen is you will lose all of your campaign progress and on your custom classes you will lose whatever you have named them but all of your classes will be the same and no online progress will be lost. just rename them
3. scroll up a little more to game data utility and click it and delete the black ops data, you will NOT lose any online progress.
4. now go reload the game up and it will require you to redownload the patch and you should be up and running.

This solution is worth a try before the problem ruin your gameplay.

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