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China Phones, Are They Worth the Price? [Pros & Cons]

Written on December 16, 2010 by B Waldorf

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What is the real deal with China phones? AllWeLike uncovered the twists and turns of the booming mobile industry of China.

The term phone is common these days. Aside from the fact that these are made in China, what do people really know about ?

China Phones are replicas of mobile phones branded with famous names like , , and many others. These devices are replicas and obviously look very similar with the original things. The only difference is that these phones are way cheaper than the real ones. The physical appearance of these China phones can trick a lot of people but the softwares and applications contained in it makes all the difference.

What are the features of a China Phone?

Aside from the cheaper prices, these China Phones are loaded with features that most people want on their mobile phones. The common features are as follows:

  • Dual Sim – Phone users can store two sim cards inside the mobile phone. This is one of the best things about China Phones. A person can use two different mobile carriers in one phone.
  • Wi-Fi – Wi-Fi  connection is a huge thing on mobile phones because of the rise of social media. Some China Phones have faster and more responsive Wi-Fi setting while some other have Wi-Fi which are non-responsive at all. Better test the Wi-Fi connectivity before purchasing the phone.
  • Camera/Video Recorder – China Phones are also equipped with a camera, but nevertheless, don’t expect too much on the quality. Some China phones claim to have a camera which is “5.0 megapixel” but that is not the real deal.
  • MP3 Player – China Phones can be quite good MP3 players since the speakers on it produces clear and sharp sound like its original counterparts.
  • Bluetooth and File Transfer – Almost all the camera phones whether made in China or the original one carry a bluetooth chip. Though there are times that bluetooth chip can be faulty,  the file transfer-PC sync option can be very useful.
  • Fake environments – The original mobile phones ones are pre-installed with themes while China Phones are pre-loaded with fake environments. However, quality wise, original devices showcase more high def wallpapers than the bogus phones.
  • Touch Screen – The start of touch sensitive era on the mobile industry changed the interface of many mobile phones. Most China Phones are already touch sensitive but it cannot be compared to the quality of touch screen features of original phones. The touch sensitive feature of China phones are manufactured poorly.
  • Motion Application – For one thing, watching a video would be nice when user watch it in full screen. With all fairness to China Phones, the motion sensory is quite good. In fact, some China phones have better motion sensors than the original ones.

China Phones vs. Branded Phones

If you are a person who is: a) tight on budget; b) looking for a spare phone or  c) simply not the techy type then China phone is an option. It is not bad to give these Chinese manufacturers the benefit of the doubt. Not all China Phones are a waste of money because some are exemplary than the original ones. Just a word of advice, before availing a China phone , be sure that its features suit your needs.

In case you are someone who treat mobile phones as an investment, then better choose the original one. These phones are under warranties which can be useful in times of repair or loss of parts.


Whether you are buying the original or the replica, take note that quality before anything else. Set a standard in choosing a mobile phone. China phones are indeed cheap but low in quality. At the end, the decision of which phone to buy still depends on you.


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