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Facebook Uploads New Profile Page Design

Written on December 06, 2010 by R. Depp

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The top social network site unveiled its new photo-dominated profile pages. Tabs are moved to side and more images are splattered on the pages. How will the people perceive this change?

For the new , the company gave emphasis on photos. It starts on the summary of photos on the top of a profile page. The old tabbed interface of things like walls, infos and photos were transfered on the left rail below the primary photo.

Instead of the basic facts about the user hidden in the ‘Info’ tab, the new profile design features a short introduction at the top of the profile page. The introduction includes job, relationship status, birthday, hometown and many more. Since photos come after the basic information, users should be more vigilant of photos which they are tagged.

Featured Friends section on the left rail is also given the spotlight on the new design. User can highlight friends and family who are important. Plus the Friendship Pages which debuted last October is now directly integrated on the profile page.

The new design now display favorites by means of photos instead of text links. In addition, albums are equipped with infinite scroll for easy navigation through hundreds of photos.

Users can activate the by clicking the ‘Get the New Profile’ tab on the upper right hand corner found on this link.

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