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Gadgets Launched During CES 2010

Written on December 14, 2010 by B Waldorf

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Let's take a trip down memory lane as AllWeLike brings you the significant events that took place in CES 2010.

The year 2010 is about to end in a few weeks time, making way for a brand new year. This year paved the way for new innovations, new discoveries and new inventions. These enhancements include upgrades on the mobile industry, opening of a new chapter in the field of photography and start of a new life for digital era. Before people bid farewell to 2010, AllWeLike takes a look back on the technologies which made their debuts this year. The first stop for this recap is the 2010 International or simply known as .

It was mentioned during 2010 that the coming year is “expected to popularize several technologies that have been under development for some time.” True to speak, people witnessed new discoveries starting from smartphones to computer tablets.

AllWeLike listed down the significant events which occurred during CES 2010 gave us. These are the focal points which redefined the age of modern technology.

1.) Home theater goes 3D

By now moviegoers surely heard all the ruckus about James Cameron’s Avatar, a film so expensive that it ushered in a new era of big-screen entertainment: 3D. Visual entertainment in three dimensions is not new, but the latest renaissance of the technology is coming on strong, with most major film houses, television manufacturers, home theater component sellers (renewed interest!) and content providers all having a hand in the pot. Now that the technology has been available for awhile, prices are pushing down — meaning you can soon buy an 82-inch 3D HDTV for less than $2,999.

2.) Small laptops experience fragmentation

Intel’s new Atom N450 processor led the netbook in taking steps toward becoming less than a poor-performing, undersized laptop. All the major notebook manufacturers introduced laptops with ULV – that’s ultra-low-voltage — processors in them, which offered more performance than the Atom, great efficiency (and thus battery life), and a small footprint, allowing systems to be quite thin in form factor. The smartbook fits between the netbook and the smartphone. Smartbooks are extra small and portable, offer comparable battery life and eschew x86 processors for mobile processors, just like e-book readers. These products are expected to be priced more affordable than the netbook ($150 to $250).

3.) Car tech gets smarter

Ford Motor Company CEO Alan Mulally is scheduled to give a keynote speech on the coming CES 2011, and there’s a reason: car tech is back in a big way.

Car tech meant making automobiles less hostile to portable technology. This year is when car makers realized that the best way to please folks is to actually make cars smarter and incorporate one’s personal tech life into the vehicle by fully integrating cars which some sort of non-car devices. This means syncing essential services such as 911 emergency, turn-by-turn GPS directions, weather and traffic info) with hands-free, voice-activated manipulation of phone calls, music, text messaging — even turning vehicle into a Wi-Fi hotspot.

5.) Smartphones and Tablets

Android, iOS and Microsoft Phones came out together with tablets powered by the said Operating Systems. The battle between Android and Apple ignited in 2010. New smartphones were unleashed. Example of which are the iPhone 4 and Android Phones. As well as the iPad under the Apple company  which reached a million sales upon launch. Microsoft came back into the business with their Windows Phone 7 venture. BlackBerry released a tablet and Google made its business bigger than before.

CES 2010 made a big splah and there are only  left for the coming CES 2011. The much-anticipated tradeshow will happen on january 6-9 2011 in Las Vegas. Thousand of exhibitors and attendees are expected to participate in this tradeshow. Check out the official webiste for more details about the event.


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