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Google Book Store Coming into Browsers Soon

Written on December 02, 2010 by B Waldorf

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Google was first rumored to be releasing their very own book store summer of this year. But apparently it didn't came out as scheduled. After being mummed about it, Google's book store is finally coming.

The search engine titan newest venture will definitely make the worms happy. ’s store business will be available very very soon. Dubbed as , the concession was first rumored to be activated by Summer of 2010. But due to delays and specific measures, the company didn’t reach the specified time of release. However, according to the Wall Street Journal, will arrive in the United States before the send off for 2010 while the worldwide launch will be on the first quarter of 2011.

But Google Editions will remain significantly different from the competitors such as ’s store and ’s . Instead of getting the books through an online store, Google will give the option for buyers to purchase the books either in Google or in independent stores. These stores tied up with Google Account which enables reader to read the books anywhere and on any device.

Google Editions make it possible for over 600,000 books to be available with certain agreements with publishers. Publishers will get 63% of the total sale if it was bought directly from Google and 45% if via an affiliate retailer.

There’s no wonder the Jeff Bezos, founder of, is trying to block Google’s book settlement. It shows the flexibility of Google to other devices, unlike Amazon’s Kindle-only campaign.

Google recently made it possible to download and print one million public domain books in partnership with Sony.These books are all available in the open ePub format.

How about you readers? Do you think Google’s newest venture will be successful? Let us know.

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