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Introducing Google’s New Android Honeycomb Music Player

Written on December 30, 2010 by B Waldorf

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You're now looking at Google's new Android Honeycomb Music Player that might overthrow the iPod. Slick and sexy, hit the play button to watch the demo.

A video footage shot out of the web shocks tech geeks with a leaked music app, revealing a revamped and colorful UI. Spotted by Engadget from XDA Developers, the 50 second footage provides a demo of the new features of ’s default music app. This updated version is much easy on the eyes than its predecessor. The vibrant colors of the album covers captured All We Like’s attention with its elegant transition and album stacking.

All We Like’s wild guess is that we’re seeing this sweet on the launch of also known as . The Android interface has long been needing an upgrade to keep its competitive juices alive. We’ve learned that embarks a lot of HD graphics.

While deciphering the image, you may want to watch the videos we’ve embedded for you.

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