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Little Big Planet 2 – 100% Finished

Written on December 23, 2010 by Chris Martin

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There'll be no stopping creativity as the most interactive and imaginative video game on this little big planet has finally reached "gold" status.

is now 100% complete and the geniuses from confirms that this pocket full of cuteness and gaming innovations will push with the January release dates all over the world. It seems like the people over perspired sweat and blood to get the job done before Christmas, most likely because they’d wanna enjoy the Holidays.

Here is the complete list of release dates taken from their blog:
18th January – Americas
19th January – Mainland Europe
20th January – Australia and New Zealand
21st January – UK and Ireland

Looks like everyone will have their creativity gears working at the same time as the dates aren’t far from each other. We just can’t wait what kind of content we’ll be seeing and what players will be able to do once we get our little big hands on this little big game.

Publicity has been impressive as Media Molecule made their presence felt in every gaming event they can attend to. Most of them are community events where they have gamers who absolutely love the franchise.

2 is a user-generated, puzzle platformer videogame developed by Media Molecule for the PS3 and PSP. Play. Create. Share. One more time! Join in his out-of-this-world adventures against a gigantic vacuum cleaner as you learn more unique skills and abilities that stretches the limits of human imagination even more! Create your own world again with new features that allow you to make games of any genre. Share it with your friends and compete for the highest score via Playstation Network.

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