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Category: Tech

Motorola’s Tablet Evolution Hints Honeycomb

Written on December 22, 2010 by Chris Martin

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It has begun. Apple and Samsung may have their multi-billion dollar knees shaking right now as Motorola unveils its teaser for the CES 2011. And there's nothing else to say but 'Whoah'.

Geared with its new red logo, Motorola takes on the competition as they begin to enter the tablet market with a delightful and provocative trailer that shoots down other brands in a very entertaining and humorous concept of evolution. They called iPad “a bigger iPhone” and Samsung Galaxy “an for a phone,” and now they’re taking it up a notch as they teased a hint of thanks to a random bee stinging the Motorola logo and Andy Rubin’s demonstration of the next-gen version of Android on a Motorola tablet at D: Dive Into Mobile.

The year 2011 looks interesting. The evolution continues!


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