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Mozilla’s Firefox 4 – Know the Hot Spots

Written on December 05, 2010 by B Waldorf

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Mozilla is again redefining the browsing experience of people through the unveiling of its newest upgrade---the Firefox 4. The fresh version comes with excellent tweaks and improvements. AllWelike goes straight to the point on the reasons why this browser rocks.

’s has competed well with the top in the world wide web. It dominates at least one-fourth of the Internet market. Mozilla recently disseminated the information that Firefox is ready for an upgrade. It now introduces the Firefox 4 and it promises a experience. The new Firefox is available for Mac, Windows and Linux platforms.

Mozilla shows off Firefox 4 and boast a new development experience for its users. Users can expect major interface upgrades, with dozens of new features and improvements to make the Internet experience superb. To make things clear, AllWeLike listed down the things that make Firefox 4 a sure hit among netizens.

1. A Facelift: The utmost overhaul of the browser can’t be ignored just like that. The goal of this newly installed theme is to get out of the user’s way and to leave as much space as possible for the web content.

2. Video Ready: Users can now watch HD-quality HTML5 video on YouTube in a WebM format on the new Firefox. Mozilla also promised better performance, uninterrupted browsing for when a plug-in crashes or freezes, and an add-ons manager that lets users better customize their browser.

3. Secure Package: Firefox 4 features a more updated security and privacy improvements. This includes fixes to a number of Web standard flaws detailed on MozillaHacks.

4. Sync the Networks: Firefox now lets users connect and sync your bookmarks, passwords, history and settings between different computers.

5. Tab sets: This new feature for those who opens a lot of tabs in one browser. You can now just hit Ctrl+Space and organize your tabs into groups.


Aside from the obvious features that will benefit the users, Mozilla loaded Firefox 4 with several improvements. Once you load the update, you’re also making your life easier since as of the moment Firefox is the most powerfe browser.


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