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MWC 2011 Gadget Preview

Written on December 29, 2010 by Japhet Writ

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Next year is definitely starting with a list of wonderful events for tech geeks. Included in the list is the MWC 2011. But before you mark your calendar, check out what mobile handsets will make an appearance in the event.

Just a month after the CES 2011, tech and gadget enthusiast will be eyeing the event in Barcelona, Spain. But before you make your way to Spain, check out some mobile devices that are rumored to make an appearance at 2011. Who knows, you might find your next handset here.

1. Samsung Galaxy S2

The Samsung Galaxy S smartphone has been a huge success to the South Korean-based company. And now, it seems that Samsung is about to launch another reiteration of its successful smartphone. Although there are no details officially revealed, the Samsung Galaxy S2 will be announced on February, at the event. The next handset is expected to have a range of specs akin to Google Nexus S, including Android 2.3 and NFC capabilities. Moreover, the Samsung Galaxy S2 is rumored to have a dual core processor and gyroscope.

2. HTC Android Phone with 3D Display

Another buzz that All We Like got from the street is that HTC also plans to bring the world’s first ever Android phone with 3D display on MWC 2011. As claimed by TechRadar, HTC gave a hands-on of the 3D technology last MWC 2010. And with the upcoming event fast approaching, people might see an Android phone with 3D display on February.

3. Windows Phone 7 Update 2

Though it is not yet confirmed, there are words stating that Microsoft will be unveiling a second major update to Windows Phone 7 during the Mobile World Congress next year. The second update will make the Windows Phone 7 of 2011 more interesting, as it may deliver extra customization options, sophisticated apps and new API.

4. Sony Ericsson PlayStation Phone

With its existence already confirmed, Sony Ericsson’s CEO, Bert Norberg, has hinted that smartphone users might see the new PlayStation Phone at the MWC 2011. Wouldn’t it be interesting where the smoke is coming from, and what the PlayStation Phone looks like in reality?

How about our dear readers? What would you like to see at the ?


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