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Nintendo 3DS Details Out January 19

Written on December 22, 2010 by Chris Martin

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It's still a mystery to us gamers and tech fans on how Nintendo will pull off the Nintendo3DS and how it'll look like. But the company announces that they will finally shed some light and end speculations to Nintendo DS's successor very, very soon.

Nintendo just announced that they will unleash the details of their new handheld console, the , this January 19, 2011 at the preview press event in New York.

Not only will attendees get to know how the much hyped console will work, but they’ll also have the pleasure of seeing it being played by none other than the president and COO of Nintendo America, Reggie Fils-Aime. Though it would be more pleasurable if the attendees were actually given the chance to play the 3DS.

The company will also announce on the press event when Nintendo 3DS will be made available for North American consumers, along with the announcement of release titles and price. Nintendo has already announced that gamers from Japan will get the handheld console by February 26 with a price tag of ¥25,000 or roughly $300.

The Nintendo 3DS is an upcoming portable game console which can display “3D effects without the need for any special glasses” through a process called autostereoscopy. Developers disclosed that 3DS possesses a more powerful processing system than the Nintendo Wii during 2010’s E3. Something we are very much looking forward to.

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