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Category: SocialMedia Invades Facebook

Written on December 08, 2010 by Japhet Writ

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Today, has expanded its feed aggregation service to include publicly searchable content from Facebook. That being said, it already stands as a compelling addition to's content aggregation capabilities.

has expanded its service by including publicly from . It doesn’t matter if you’re friends with an individual, or if that person’s content is open to the web, can scoop it! The only drawback of on Facebook is that the contents can become unavailable if it is behind the social networking site’s privacy settings. It can be due to the feature’s “in testing” label. More over, users cannot combine searchable contents from Facebook and Twitter as of the moment. Therefore, running two separate searches is required. But be that as it may, the addition of Facebook to looks promising in terms of its feed aggregation capabilities of the service.

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