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PeopleBrowsr Launches

Written on December 04, 2010 by Japhet Writ

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Social media analytics company, PeopleBrowsr, has launched its social search product It is designed to help brand managers and marketers find the one percent of Twitter users that matter most to them.

PeopleBrowsr has launched its social search product . The new tool aims to help brand managers and marketers find the one percent of user that matters most to them. At its core, is a search engine that offers a few unseen insights from micro or niche communities.

On the left portion of the application are tweets searched around a specified keyword. Users can filter the stream by followers and following, gender, sentiments, and product defined communities or location. On the right side is a graphical overview of tweets across the globe, a keyword volume fluctuation, a sentiment line graph and pie chart. Also displayed in this area are media related to tweets like Twitpics or YouTube videos.

However, seems to offer limited feature for its $99 monthly price tag. Though the myriad of filters make an interesting browsing experience, there’s nothing much to do with the information it provides. It’s a mere platform where users can find out what people are saying.

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