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PlayStation Move Sharpshooter Coming February

Written on December 10, 2010 by Chris Martin

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What's a better way to play a first-person shooter game like Killzone 3 in PS3? Use a gun over a controller of course. And what's the best gun to use in mercilessly landing a barrage of ammos to your enemies? None other than a rifle from Sony.

Dominate enemies with Move , the latest in Sony’s line of housing and navigation gun controller.

Yes, it still has that goofy glowing ball at the end of the gun, and yes, the aesthetics look disconnected with awesome games at first glance, but this bad boy is nothing less than Sony PlayStation’s way of making gaming experiences more fun and mobile. The way Sony’s peripheral manager Anand Agarwal puts it, Sharpshooter is “the most intuitive and immersive control experience ever found in a shooter game,” that’s a tall order, but they are Sony and they can say whatever they want.

The accessory costs only $40 and is bundled with an adjustable shoulder stock, a digital trigger, a firing mode selector, and realistic pump action. None too shabby. Reports from says the realistic controls which require the whole body to move instead of a simple wrist movement can become a little dragging, plus players may have a little hard time adjusting to the designed controls. But only you can decide if this wicked rifle is awesome or fail.

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