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Pocket-Friendly iPod Nano Wrist Straps

Written on December 25, 2010 by B Waldorf

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Turning your gadget into a multi-purpose accessory is a challenge. But nothing is impossible as they say; when the 6th generation of iPod Nano came, it was turned into a timepiece.

It was a superb news when Apple introduced the newest generation of their “iGadgets”. These iGadgets range from the iPhone 4 to the iTouch 4th Gen and the adorable . The resembled the iTouch, only way smaller. The new generation of comes with multi-touch sensitive screen and main features similar to Touch. Steve Jobs joked that it can pass as a wrist watch. However, Job’s joke came as a prophecy. Not long after the launch, a new innovation was introduced to the public—the as a timepiece. This new wrist accessory serves as a protector for the smallest Apple device.  The straps come in different varieties of colors and styles. Purchasing the right one can be a bit of a challenge. AllWeLike narrowed down the strap choices to five to make it easy for you.

1. – Griffin can’t get enough of Apple. This is probably one of the coolest watch straps from the bunch. It brings back those hip slap wristbands of the early 90s but this time, as a watch strap for your Nano. Sells for $24.99, so it’s cool on the pocket as well.

2. - This one is an eco-friendly Nanowatch. This strap comes in six colors to match all the hues of iPod Nano. The back of the strap is embossed just so it can level with Nano’s built-in clip. The straps are made out of silicon and no nickel content. Only €18.00. 3. – At $29.95, this is one pricey strap . It comes with a simple pop in and out design for the Nano as well as integrated control buttons.  4. – The Rock Band strap is made out of leather with a notch cut out so that the iPod Nano can be clipped on properly. This goody sells at $19.95. It is cheaper than the SwitchEasy strap, but it’s not as stylish.

5. - This wristwatch strap is made of an elastic type material that is “highly durable.” It comes with polycarbonate buttons that allow you to control the Nano through the case, as well as a hole for the headphone jack. It comes in seven vibrant colors: black, white, red, aubergine, blue, orange and red. It is priced at $24.99.


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