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Resident Evil Revelations Brings Back True Survival Horror

Written on December 08, 2010 by Chris Martin

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Resident Evil Revelations will completely blow your mind with "classic style" exploration, along with RE 4 and beyond gameplay. It's old-school Survival Horror and much much more in 3D.

We were all left hanging at the Nintendo Conference a couple months back with developers giving little to trivial information on the latest game. But has went all out this week as the developers gave an in-depth look of the latest Resident Evil incarnation, Resident Evil .

It’s confirmed. and are back as the main characters of the game. ¬†This move by the developers seems to echo the mantra that Revelations will somehow go back to basics. They will bring ‘true ’ back in the game which will be fused with the current gameplay featured in Resident Evil 4 onwards. Resident Evil has always been a in a sense, but Revelations promises that it will be so scary, players will develop a ‘greater sense of fear’ as their minds fill with anxiety in every move.¬† will be given a new meaning with cutting edge cinematic and and 2D visual effects rock the senses to the core.

The game will take place in an infested luxury cruise ship generally in Europe. The story will take place between the 4th and 5th Resident Evil, following the actions of the recently formed BSAA anti bio-terror forces.

Screenshots provided in Famitsu also reveal a couple of new in-game mechanics. Players can switch guns while moving and can also freely move the viewpoint around. Developers reveal that Revelations will be developing a new player control feel. Although there are no exact details provided, we can speculate that it has something to do with the 3D feature.

Many believe that this game would be more for the newcomers of the series thanks to the new storyline. But developers affirm that the idea of bringing back the old-school style of Resident Evil, from the characters to the , can hit a note to devoted fans.

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