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Sayonara to Freedom of Speech in Tokyo?

Written on December 13, 2010 by Chris Martin

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Tokyo legislation recently passed a bill that might jeopardize the freedom of speech video games, manga, and anime producers have. The issue has been going on since the start of 2010, and this new bill just fanned the flames.

Dan , a famous Japanese blogger expressed that the current is not a “ per se”, but it does limit a company to produce materials that are harmful to those under 18 years-old. Unlike in the U.S., where distributors are the ones under pressure and subject to penalty, not the producers.

What’s odd about this new act by the government is that the legislation specifically restricts , and but doesn’t transcend to novels, movies, or television shows. A little unfair considering that the latter are also easily accessed by minors. government tries to calm the storm as they explain through The Mainichi Daily News, “only manga and animation that glorifies or exaggerates illegal sexual acts will be subject to the regulations, and freedom of expression will not be violated.”

Several video game and anime companies along with a large number of manga publishers have already expressed protest against this bill as they plan boycotting the Tokyo Anime Fair, an event led by the Tokyo Governor himself, Governor Shintaro Ishihara.

If the Japanese government will have it their way, every comic book, every cartoon show, and every video game will subject to their approval and rate if a material is too violent or too sexual for minors under their own vague standards.

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