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Shia, Optimus Prime Missing in Action in New Transformers Trailer

Written on December 09, 2010 by Chris Martin

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Transformers: The Dark of the Moon teaser trailer is finally out, and we can all sum it up in one word: "Whaaaat?".

Maybe is living up to the name of the movie as the left everyone on the dark side. Transfomers: Dark of the Moon has no , no and , and it’s set in 1969 during the landing of the first man in the moon, decades before Sam Witwicky was even born and more that 40 years before the Decepticons and Autobots turned Earth into an intergalactic warzone.

Well it IS a teaser trailer, which it’s main purpose is to, uhh, tease. But probably the only ones being teased here are the true blue fans when a mysterious transformer emerged from the depths of the moon, which many believe is Alpha Trion, one of the ancient, original that has a link with Optimus Prime. No idea how that will work out in the story.

One of the most anticipated additions in the franchise, Victoria’s Secret model , ¬†also seems to be missing in action. Must be a move to keep the fanboys at the edge of their seats when the -replacement finally shows off her asset.

On a lighter note, seems like Michael Bay finally resisted the temptation to blow everything up for 2 minutes, a feat of strength indeed.

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