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Study Shows Phone Gaming Gaining Ground vs PSP and DS

Written on December 08, 2010 by Chris Martin

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Nintendo and Sony still reigns supreme the handheld gaming category against smart phones, but for how long?

A recent study from a market research firm named Interpret show that the smart phones, which include a stellar cast of ’s , and tag team, plus new player ’s Windows Phone 7 platform are steadily gaining the approval as a popular alternative, if not mainstream handheld gaming platform, to and .

In a US-based survey that Interpret used in their report, among the 9,000 people interviewed, 44% play games on their phones, a 53.2% increase compared to last year. What’s more mindboggling is 27.2% own both a phone and a PSP and DS.The handheld gaming titans’ popularity dropped by 13% but still dominates the market.

Convenience and multi-functionality is what catapulted the preferences of phones over the gaming behemoths, something and Playstation’s think tanks seem to be working on as rumor circulates in cyberspace of a Playstation Phone in the works.

Will it be a matter of time until Apple, Google, and Microsoft be the next household name for games?

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