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Taiwanese Pop Star Flaunts an iPad Mini?

Written on December 28, 2010 by B Waldorf

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A Taiwanese Pop Star shows off an iPad Mini on his blog. But is it really an iPad Mini or just another product of Photoshop?

We can’t help but feel surprised when we saw the photo of the and racing driver “Dreamer Jimmy” showing off an mini on his blog. Yes, you’re reading it right – Mini.

The photo shows Jimmy comparing an iPad and an with a caption that reads:

‘新玩具mini iPad,’ which translates as: ‘[My] new toy mini iPad.’

People are confused whether  this is a Photoshop trick or the Chinese star carries a genuine article. It looks like an iOS powered device and the gizmo also has the hint of design. Though this photo is not enough to prove the existence of such device.

It tallies up the rumor that there is an all new iPad coming. Taiwanese website, Digitimes, reported that Foxconn will have a new iPad ready by the end of February 2011.

is a few weeks away. The event is likely to bring new sets of tablets from Android and Windows. Is this the venue where the iPad Mini will be launched?

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