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The Greatness of Samsung Focus

Written on December 06, 2010 by Japhet Writ

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Looking for a Windows Phone 7 that will suit your needs? Why not give the Samsung Focus a spin? Check out the article below to see what this handset can offer.

Of all ’s Windows Phone 7 devices, the is the first one that’s been widely available to say the least. That being said, enthusiasts already gave it a hands on, and found many reason to like . Curious? Here’s why.

The Samsung Focus is designed for professionals and companies that already invested in Microsoft’s business technologies. It is one of the many smartphones that can help owners to access Microsoft systems such as Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Office and SharePoint. The Samsung Focus also offers a modern multi-touch UI that can compete with the iOS, Android and webOS. It has the same multi-vendor and multi-telecom strategy such as Android, but with a more coherent experience and less fragmentation and manipulation.

With the Big Red adopting the Zune UI, Samsung Focus stands out because of its usable interface. A user will no longer need to dig deep in search for his desired menu or option. Furthermore, the handset has a very responsive UI. The four-inch Super AMOLED screen displays excellent clarity, brightness and color. The only drawback of Samsung Focus is that it is almost made entirely of plastic, making it feel a little cheap. More over, It is also missing the basic features like copy-and-paste and the ability to take screenshots.

The bottom line is that with Samsung Focus’ smooth, snappy and easy to navigate UI, there will be a lot of things to like about the handset. Therefore, this can be a good foundation for Windows Phone 7 to build upon.

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