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Category: Tech

The Origin of the iPhone

Written on December 30, 2010 by B Waldorf

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"Anyone privy to the release of the iPhone is going to hold on to their current device as long as they possibly can, all but Scotch taping their devices together so that they can crawl over the finish line and into the loving arms of a shiny new iPhone. (Oh, you know the box is gonna be sexy.)" ---John Mayer on iPhone

It’s amazing how one thing could change the course of where humanity is headed. has definitely altered the lives of everyone.¬†For the techno-geeks, the is the world’s very first . Without the iPhone, the Android and any other Window’s spawn would just be a mere figment of one’s imagination. The iPhone is something everyone would desire, something that anyone would die to have or atleast wait in line for days.

And for every great innovation, there’s a great beginning. And if you’re part of the iPhone cult then the next part is for you. Take a stroll down memory lane with AllWeLike, as we show you iPhone’s short but sweet history with this infographic provided by the great people of Mashable.


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