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Windows Phone 8: What We Want to See

Written on December 29, 2010 by Japhet Writ

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Though Windows Phone 7 stirred the smartphone industry nicely, it is inevitable for some users to find bits of glitches on the latest handset. That is why All We Like is posting its Windows Phone 8 must-have features.

In today’s computer era, even the best among the computing devices can have a minor glitch. But when that device becomes mobile, it can mean trouble. The release of Windows Phone 7 has stirred the smartphone industry. It is due partly of its very usable and well-designed interface, the debate about whether it can keep up with Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS, and because people takes notice whenever Microsoft does something new. Still, the Windows Phone 7 have some gaping holes that enthusiasts wish to eradicate before Windows Phone 8 arrives.

1. Copy and Paste

No modern smartphone OS is complete without copy and paste. But the reason why this feature was left out in Windows Phone 7 is because of how the OS works and the missing long press option. The copy and paste features also defies the interface aesthetics. But hey! This is Microsoft people are talking about. If the upcoming Windows Phone 8 gets a Microsoft Office, there should be a copy and paste feature.

2. Flash Support

The recent Microsoft phone does not include a Flash support due to its 18 month development cycle. Good thing, people learned to live without Flash on their smartphone. Still, sites that have rich content can benefit greatly from Flash.

3. Better Multitasking

Like most smartphones, Windows Phone 7 also have limited multitasking. For instance, apps can send a push notification while you are browsing. Then it tends to save their state when you switch out of them. However, this multitasking is different from true background processing. That being said, people will definitely love to have the ability of massive back-up to the cloud when Widnows Phone 8 arrives.

4. Better App Catogorization

Another peculiarity found on interface is the fact that it is not app-centric. In fact, the user can view his current apps by swiping the long list found to the right of the display. That is why enthusiasts like to see a better app categorization in Windows Phone 8. A feature that is akin to iPhone 4.

5. Better Interface Options and Indicators

Another minor setback that WP7 possess is its “interface roulette”. It is difficult to know when a user can swipe left or right, when long press is allowed, and when the app offers extra option. Let’s just hope that this oddity won’t be present when Windows Phone 8 hits the shelves.

6. Internet Tethering

With 4G networks starting to become rampant, internet tethering can come in handy. It will also be cool if Windows Phone 8 has the ability to become a Wi-Fi hotspot for other devices — especially if it’s free!

7. YouTube App

A user can watch a YouTube video on his phone by simply opening his browser and downloading the YouTube app from Marketplace. Still, it’s clunky at its best. So if the Windows Phone 8 will not include a YouTube app, that would be travesty.

8. Real Universal Search

Just like the copy and paste features, the lack of universal search can be a huge problem. The Windows Phone 7 only provides search results from Bing. It can be useful for the web, but not when you have something obscure to search on your phone.


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