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Yahoo Hits Rock Bottom; Goodbye for Delicious?

Written on December 20, 2010 by R. Depp

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It might be a sad conclusion for Yahoo as the website continues to crumble and its bookmarking site, Delicious, is also not doing any good as well.

With the series of unfortunate events rolling in, it seems that is ready to drop .  This move might be an advantage for since there has been no major improvement since brought the site in 2005. However, this is not bound to happen anytime soon as the company claimed in their statement. “We’re actively thinking about the future of Delicious and we believe there is a home outside the company that would make more sense for the service and our users,” the company said in a statement. “We’re in the process of exploring a variety of options and talking to companies right now. And we’ll share our plans with you as soon as we can.”

Meanwhile, mentioned that Yahoo has “hit rock botoom.” And if anyone remembers the infamous “Peanut Butter Manifesto” of former senior vice president Brad Garlinghouse, it looks as though the company is off to a bad end.

So what’s next for Yahoo? The merge with AOL may save them from a tragic death. It still not the end but people are hoping that the once-kings of the dot-com can sit back again on its throne.

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