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AllWeLike iPad Game of the Year: Angry Birds

Written on January 01, 2011 by Chris Martin

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It has hit 42 million downloads in a span of only a year and it's already on Apple's most downloaded app for 2010. How can we NOT ignore those bushy eyebrowed balls of feathers they call birds who are hellbent on taking back their eggs from evil pigs?

They’re feathery, they’re round, they got the features of a bird, and they’ve got eyebrows that says they’re dead serious. These are the birds that nabbed our merciless fingers away from our daily lives and into the tablet so we can spend hours and hours of gameplay. And what better way to get some revenge than sling them into the air as human (or aviary) sacrifices in order to defeat the relentless evil… wait for it… PIGS. Yes, we’re all hooked with Angry Bird-noia.

Released last December 2009, the game received amazing reviews even if it’s just a simple “target and fire” game. And in its first few months it recorded millions of downloads without even advertising ONCE. By December 2010, recorded a stunning total of 42 million downloads across the platforms (12 million in paid downloads, and 30 million in free downloads).

Rovio is showing no signs of slowing down for Angry Birds as they’ll continue to release updates for the game even in 2011. What started off as cute character designs randomly rendered by Jaako Iislao, I bet no one in Rovio thought that the game would be this successful.

And for that, we award Angry Birds Gadg’s . Grats!


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