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Android: The CES Word of the Year

Written on January 04, 2011 by Japhet Writ

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Prediction that this year will be for Linux was never gone. With Android dominating the CES 2011, and being the number one selling smartphone in the US, this year might really be for Linux advocates.

Every year, followers of open source software are likely to predict that this year will be for desktop. But guess what? Desktops are so 1993, notebooks are so last decade, and will be used by many with the help of . Google’s mobile OS is based on a modified kernel. More over, Android is the number one selling smartphone platform in the US. It is also safe to say that Android is dominating the .

The tide of tablets that’s suppose to happen last year is happening now. From Visio to Toshiba, everyone has Android tablets to announce at CES 2011. And every tablet that runs from Intel Atom processors to NVIDIA chips should be, at least, demoed with the Android . Google TV, that will come out with new devices at CES 2011, is also powered by Android. Further more, people are waiting to see Android running a tablet that can compete to iPad.

The volume, choice and pricing will bring Android to another level this 2011. Thanks to the growing number of people who uses Linux. But don’t fuss! They won’t generally know that they are already using Linux, the same way that they don’t realize that some sites they’re visiting are running on a Linux server. That is why advocates can take heart, 2011 is the year of Android and Linux consumers.

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