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AT&T iPhone vs Verizon iPhone: The Battle Begins

Written on January 22, 2011 by B Waldorf

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Join AllWeLike as we uncover the truth about the iPhone 4 belonging to competing networks.

Last week, we welcomed the announcement of 4 to the world. It will be out in less than a month to the 3G network. But many wonder, will it be better than the ?

We can smell the between the two networks. To help you out in choosing the right network to trust, All We Like gathered the most important information about the two networks and their own versions of the story.

What can AT&T do?

AT&T is popular for using GSM or the Global System for Mobile Communications. A network technology infrastructure capable of handling voice and data at the same time. However it is only connected to 1 tower at a time which results to a “hard handoff” from tower to tower. This causes the increase of dropped calls and reduces the stability of voice network on phone calls.

Why Verizon?

While AT&T uses GSM to power its devices, Verizon uses on the other hand stick tCDMA or the Code Division Multiple Access. A network that allows multiple tower connections for “soft handoff” between towers so your mobile phone can connect to two or more towers at once and switch to another quickly. This results to less dropped calls; however CDMA cannot handle voice and data at the same time.

Let the Battle Begin

  • supports surfing the Internet and voice calls at the same time. While cannot do the multitasking as AT&T does it.
  • Verizon iPhone exempts their device from the signal issue when holding the phone. It has been proven and tested that you will not encounter any signal loss in covering the sides of your phone. Verizon gets the more stable connection, less call drops and a better voice network technology.
  • AT&T has a faster network speed. In terms of Internet browsing and network activity, AT&T iPhone is faster than the Verizon iPhone.
  • Verizon iPhone supports the Wi-Fi hotspot for iPhone, while AT&T does not support that kind of feature.

The Verdict

On our point of view, this is a fair fight. Both networks have its own sets of advantages and disadvantages. Our only advice is as the mobile user, try to weight in the comparison we mentioned earlier. Look into the services these two networks offer. See which one fits your lifestyle and needs.


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