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Bioware’s Dragon Age 2 Story is Interactive Framed Narrative

Written on January 12, 2011 by Chris Martin

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Bioware's Dragon Age 2 promises an interactive framed narrative unlike any other. The Dragon Age Origins sequel gives players unique stories that will depend on their choices.

Remember the book “Choose your own adventures”? Where the reader has (almost) complete control over what happens in the flow of the story and how it will end? You finish a chapter and will be forced to decide which story you’ll follow. Each decision will ultimately end in a unique ending compared to the other. That’s how it works on the book.

But how about in video games? We’ve already seen it before in games like Final Fantasy X-2. And now, ’s is going to explore that particular way of story telling as EA unveiled the latest behind-the-scenes footage of the anticipated sequel of the . promises to have a unique lore experience where player’s choices will ultimately decide the ending of the game. As one report states, not all of us will see the same story as we progress.

Looks like Bioware is pushing the boundaries of story telling as it dives further into the character’s.. uhh.. character as family relationships jump into the fray that’ll make some decisions a little awkward, yet still engaging. Expect genuine emotions, genuine options, and genuine responses in this epic sequel.

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