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BlackBerry PlayBook Stands Out at CES 2011

Written on January 10, 2011 by Japhet Writ

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Now, there were an estimated 75 different tablets at the 2011 Consumer Electronic Show. What makes Blackberry's tablet stand out? Well, money in marketing, retail outlets, and service.

featured one of the coolest exhibits that tech and gadget enthusiasts have ever seen: The World of . Much of the buzz roam around ’s newest tablet, the . With an estimated 75 different tablets at , what makes BlackBerry PlayBook stand out? Money in marketing, service and retail outlets.

Frankly, the BlackBerry PlayBook is a very sexy device because of its size and gaming, video conferencing and multimedia capabilities. The manufacturer’s target is the business market that already have a foothold on their smartphones. More over, the BlackBerry PlayBook is a “flash-loving” device. And this term should give Apple’s iPad some concern.

And with all that, BlackBerry has a heavy retail and service network that is something worth to consider.

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