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Deciphering Yuna’s Fighting Style in Dissidia 012: Duodecim Final Fantasy

Written on January 21, 2011 by Chris Martin

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Beware, Master Summoner Yuna may look nice and sweet at first, but wait til you meet her Aeons. They'll tear you down to pieces.

We’ve come across some new screenshots over at Square Enix’s [012] Duodecim: site and wow did we see some hints of what ’s fighting style would be like once the sequel hits the gaming shelves soon.

Dubbed as the “Summon Master” of Dissidia, it doesn’t entirely mean that she will be able to spam several of the game’s already existing summoning system. Instead, she will be reunited with ’s aeons that are capable of delivering both BRAVE and HP attacks to the opponents.

From the screenshots plus reports on her abilities a while back, we can confirm that Yuna will be able to summon 5 of the original Aeons of Final Fantasy X. Here’s a list of the Aeons we saw and their Final Fantasy X abilities that we may see in .

  • : Aerial aeon capable of sending air-based shockwaves to the opponents. The Aeon’s Overdrive is Energy Ray and Energy Blast which sends an immense stream of exploding energies upon the enemies.
  • : The goddess of ice herself makes her appearance next to the young summoner. Her Overdrive is Diamond Dust which barrages enemies with a blizzard storm.
  • Ifrit: The master of hellfire capable of burning his enemies to ashes. His Overdrive is Hellfire that creates a blazing inferno around the opponents.
  • : The horse-like thunder god that can summon lighting bolts in a blink of an eye. His Overdrive is Thor’s Hammer which hurls a merciless lightningbolt on the opponents.
  • : The lord of the skies fights one more time with Yuna. He is a non-elemental dragon that uses his Overdrive MegaFlare to finish the quite immediately.

Reports state that Yuna will be able to summon all of her aeons at once in her Ex-Mode and Ex-Burst, but we have yet to see that. We have also yet to see Final Fantasy X’s most powerful aeons, and . But we sure do hope they’ll make it to Yuna’s roster of abilities.

View the gallery below for the in-game screenshots!

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