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Category: Tech

Do Nothing for 2 Minutes: Are you Ready for the Challenge?

Written on January 27, 2011 by R. Depp

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A new website called ‘Do Nothing for 2 Minutes’ is creating a buzz in the Internet today. The rules are easy: sit still, stare on the monitor and stay on that same position for two minutes.

Do Nothing for 2 Minutes—that what is the new website is about in a nutshell. You sit in front of your computer, stare on the screen, listen to the sound of crashing waves and wait for the timer to come to 0 second. Don’t dare to touch the mouse or the timer will reset and the word ‘Fail’ appears on your monitor.

The site is created by PopJam CEO and developer . Tew is also the man behind the  back launched in 2006. His reason for building a site like this is for people to have a breathing space from all the continuous flow of information in the Internet.


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