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Facebook Issues Roundup

Written on January 17, 2011 by R. Depp

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What is Facebook up to these past few days? Here, take a look.

Imagine life without . Will it be difficult or will it be hassle free? Either way, has its own pros and cons. To give you a sample of this, here is a roundup of what is up to last week.

  • A man from Sacramento, California named , age 23 pleaded guilty to seven felonies including computer intrusion, false impersonation and possession of child pornography. Bronk was also able to get hold of email accounts of women from the US and England. He used these email accounts to access Facebook profiles of these women and gather racy photos from the said profiles. One victim was even coerced to send more photos after being threatened by Brock and felt the experience is like a “virtual rape.”
  • Chris Hughes, co-founder and former spokeman of Facebook and founder of, is set to marry longtime partner , the political director for Freedom to Marry. The couple has not set a date yet and Elridge said that they’ll try to wait for gay marriage to be legalized in New York.
  • released its “” list and surprise, CEO of Facebook, made it to the list. Zuckerberg is one of the richest man in America but this fact didn’t bother him to upgrade his wardrobe. He is comfortable giving press conferences wearing sneakers, blue jeans and T-shirt. Esquire has some fashion advice for the Facebook CEO: “…Would it kill you to throw a couple thousand to, say, Zegna for a couple of nice suits?”


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