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Fans Attempted to Enter King of Pop’s Tomb

Written on January 31, 2011 by Japhet Writ

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Two conniving Michael Jackson fans tried to scam their way into the King of Pop's resting place this week, but their plan was foiled when security told them to beat it.

Shortly after Dr. Conrad Murray’s hearing last Tuesday, several fans of went to Forest Lawn to pay their respects to the late . However, two sneaky women attempted to get inside the mausoleum. After ringing the bell outside, a security guard answered and told the women that they were not allowed inside Michael Jackson’s tomb.

But being the conniving fans that they were, the women told the security that they would like to visit Yogananda’s tomb. Yogananda is a famous guru who doesn’t have restrictions on who he allows inside. However, the security did not buy their tale and asked them to leave. It seems that Michael Jackson still have fans willing to take the risk just to see him — even in his resting place.

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