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Gaming News for the Week: Avatar Kinect, PS3 Hacks and Mass Effect

Written on January 10, 2011 by B Waldorf

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The week was filled with news about CES 2011. To refresh your mind, here are few gaming news Gadg gathered for you.

Here are the surprising things that happened in the world of gaming last week:

When Avatar Meets Kinect

The brought back the magic of the motion-controlled chatrooms to . Microsoft adds up a little spice to the chat rooms by adding this virtual formula to Xbox Live with characters controlled by the Kinect. It will be free for the Gold Subscribers.

Affects Mass Gamers

Mass Effect 2 got one more DLC shot. Mass Effect will no longer have that daily dose of daily storyline updates and real-world commentary through its Cerberus Network. But the service will only be used weeks before the release of DLC and Mass Effect 3.

The first custom firmware lands for hacked PS3s. After two solid years of waiting, man here goes the custom firmware we’ve been dying to have.

Civ V Designer Shafer from ship to Stardock

Jon Shafer, lead deisgner of , has announced that he’ll now be utilizing his talents at Stardock. He’ll be hands-on in helping fix the troubled Elemental: War of Magic.

PSP Go Hacked at Last!

PSP Go has finally been hacked and will play UMD-only . The hacker makes it possible to get an ISO loader running on the go.

Xbox 360 Goes Torchlight

Torchlight finally makes it skip to Xbox 360. There will be some changes on Torchlight 2 as well. So get ready to rumble!

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