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Golden Globes Gets a Lawsuit

Written on January 14, 2011 by Japhet Writ

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The Hollywood Foreign Press Association has just been slapped with a lawsuit -- days before the Golden Globes -- by a public relations firm that is claiming they were lied to and given the boot after 17 years of hard work.

A couple of days before the , the Hollywood Foreign Press Association was sued with Fraud by Productions. The production claimed that the did not honor its promise. According to Cinepoint’s , filed yesterday in LA County Superior Court, the HFPA guaranteed that its contract with the production will be renewed after its expiration in 2009. Unfortunately, nothing happened.

The pointed out that they did a good job in bringing the Golden Globes from irrelevance to prominence. In fact, the production was able to give the award giving body a $26 million annual deal with NBC starting 2012. But after they were kicked to the curb, is suing for the $2 million fee they would have earned, plus punitive damages.

The HFPA has no response to this issue yet, but All We Like will keep you posted for more updates.

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