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Google and Facebook: Most Dangerous Websites of 2010

Written on January 04, 2011 by Chris Martin

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The price of popularity often leads to disaster, much like the how paparazzis swarm and sometimes mutilate celebrity privacy. And now we have two of the world's most popular websites that are now also considered as the world's most dangerous.

and , the two websites that changed the way we do stuff on the internet, are most likely household names now all over the world. But in a recent article by TrendMicro, a blogging site, the two internet behemoths have been tagged as the and respectively. The reason? In a nutshell, it’s ironically because of their popularity.

Google’s immense popularity has been pretty much the prized target of and schemes that led to users to several significant malware threats, particularly FAKEAV. schemes allow certain websites to go up to the top of the search list using illegal methods that can lead to severe punishment.

Facebook on the other hand has pretty much the same problem, thanks to its huge popularity across the globe. Whenever there’s alot of people around, you’re quite sure cybercriminals are lurking around as well as various survey scams and KOOBFACE malwares appeared allover the site.

So does this mean we should stop using Google and Facebook? Well definitely the two won’t go down without a fight and will do everything that they can to remedy the situation. For the meantime, it’s best if you just ignore those spam messages or weird popups going around while you’re surfing.

Catch the rest of the TrendMicro’s Most Dangerous list by following the article source below.

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