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Intel’s 2nd Generation Core Processor Family Unveiled

Written on January 03, 2011 by Chris Martin

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With a stellar line-up and the new integrated graphics options, Intel leads the pack as the one to look out for this year with the unveiling of the 2nd Core Processor family.

After months of teasers and on-stage demos, we finally get to catch a glimpse of the much talked about 2nd Generation Core processor family of Intel. Dubbed simply as 2011, the new processor family will be having a total of 29 new CPUs carrying the names Core i3, , or . Along with the new integrated graphics options, Intel is well on its way in establishing itself as the one to look out for this year.

Check out the cool features and the breakdown of the 29 CPUs after the break!

With the new processor architecture, that will only mean that we’ll be having new CPUs. Intel will be having a variety of processors for mobile and systems which will have different clock speeds and features that will most likely blow away your mind. And with new processors, that could only mean new laptops and desktops as well! The quad-core i7 CPUs will be the first to be released and should be around this week.

Although Intel may start to sound like a broken record as they keep on saying everything will go faster with their new processors, most of the times, it’s true. The new generation’s features allow users to create, edit, and share content at an incredibly fast rate thanks to the Accelerated Encoding, Decoding and Transcoding features. It will also support Stereoscopic 3D Blu-ray in Full HD 1080p(!!) resolution in 3D. Yep, and with the 2nd gen supporting 1080p, people won’t find anymore trouble in connecting their to .

The Intel Core 2011 is one giant step for Intel. We can’t help but wonder what are the other companies are thinking right now.

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