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iPhone Case Caught in the Wild: Is it for iPhone 5?

Written on January 06, 2011 by B Waldorf

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While people are busy with CES 2011, there is a video that will probably call the attention of many consumers soon; a video which features iPhone 5 case.

While everyone is quite busy with 2011 revelations, stays quiet in the corner. Though its absence at 2011 is quite disappointing they would not allow it to be left behind. Are we sensing in the air?

Boy Genius reports a YouTube video from smartphone parts firm Global Direct Parts claiming to have a glimpse of the and another unreleased iPhone model. This suggests either a CDMA rumored release as the famous iPhone 5. However, the presence of a SIM card slot is quite questionable. This flawed the legitimacy of the video but we can never really can tell.

The highlights of the video includes similarities and differences from the current iPhone 4. See for yourself:

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