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Mark Zuckerberg Meets Eisenberg and Samberg: The “Zuckerbergs”

Written on January 31, 2011 by B Waldorf

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The real Zuckerberg meets the two other "Bergs" at Saturday Night Live.

Facebook founder and CEO surprised everyone when he appeared on . He joked around with the actor who played him in the movie ‘The ’, .

The audience of the program got a triple dose of Zuckerberg as Oscar nominee and guest host Eisenberg stepped into the spotlight to do the opening monologue. He was joined after a few minutes by another “Zukerberg-wannabe,” . The biggest surprise was the appearance of the man himself, the real Mark Zuckerberg. It surprised Eisenberg so much he looked somewhat “nervous.” Eisenbrg redeemed himself when he asked Zuckerberg if he has seen the movie, the latter answered with, “it’s interesting.” T’was vague but not bad.

Zuckerberg showed up thrice in the show, one in a brief backstage stint with Executive Producer Lorne Michaels; second, the ‘awkward’ first time meet-up of the other two “Zuckerbergs;” and  lastly, the obligatory SNL goodbye waltz wherein Mark and Jesse had a seemingly heartfelt hug to show that let bygones be bygones.

Don’t miss out the party, watch the embedded videos below.

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