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Microsoft Creates Hydro-Powered Data Center

Written on January 08, 2011 by Japhet Writ

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"Our modular approach to design and construction with these facilities will allow us to substantially lower cost per megawatt to build and run our datacenters, while significantly reducing time-to-market." ---Kevin Timmons, Microsoft Quincy Data Center, General Manager

has taken its pre-package data center experience to expand its Quincy facility in Washington. According to a blog posted by the Quincy team’s general manager, , the whole facility uses modular “building blocks” for mechanical, electrical, server and security subsystems. This increase in flexibility enables ’s Quincy data center to support their unpredictable online business needs. Interestingly, the Quincy facility gets its power from the Columbia River with the help of hydro electricity. As Kevin Timmons said on his blog, their modular approach to construction and design lowers the per-megawatt cost, while reducing time-to-market significantly. said that the new design will aid the company to scale down its cloud infrastructure in a more suitable manner.

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