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Nintendo 3DS Hits the Stores this March 27

Written on January 21, 2011 by B Waldorf

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Mark your calendars! Nintendo 3DS hits the shelves on March 27.

Are you excited to have the ? Then two more months of waiting before it lands on your hands.

Here’s a very big surprise from : the 3DS will be available starting March 27 carrying the price tag of $249.

Nintendo 3DS will ship in two colors: aqua blue and black. The game slot will accept both 3DS and DS games and it will be available with a 2GB SD card and charging cradle. The home button located at the bottom part will allow players to pause the game and change applications and a 3D slider that controls the depth of the picture.

The light on top will pave way for communication of various statuses. The front-facing camera speaks of 2D and the two cameras at the back allows you for 3D rendering of images.

A StreetPass feature will also be present in the game device, it will allow 3DS consoles to move past each other on the street to grab each other’s Mii avatars and populate. It will be out with games that allows you to challenge an opponent or exchange data.

Fils-Aime gave lengthy details about the slate of launch titles for 3DS. This includes new versions of Pilotwings Resort, Madden, Dead or Alive, Super Street Fighter IV, and Nintendogs + cats.

They also noted that certain titles have no official launch date but 30 titles will be ready for the 3DS from now until June. Nintendo will be putting 5,000 interactive units into stores with a goal of getting a million people try the 3DS before it ships to stores.

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